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Small Outdoor Summer Art Camps & Classes

Flexible options to give ease of mind.

Safe Outdoor


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Flex pass Art Classes:

The flexible way to take art lessons in between vacations and COVID-19 issues

Wednesdays in July and August:

10am-11:30am Kids Art Class

1:30pm-3:00pm Adult Art Class

5pm-6:30pm Teens Art Class

**No class

July1st, July 22nd, August 12th & 19th

$90 flex pass for 3 lessons to use for whomever and whenever you want for the next 2 years!

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This summer I have small outdoor art camps and art classes. All classes & camps are held outside and classes will be a flexible drop-in method to be flexible in this uncertain time. This is a great way to enjoy nature & do some art as your schedule allows and will not expire for 2 years! we will be drawing, sketching and painting. This will be a great time to teach plaine aire painting! With the flexibility of the pass, I can vary what we do based on who shows up and what they want to learn.


Art Classes & Art Camps will be held in the shade of the trees by a small creek. We have plenty of space to spread out and enjoy our time in the little forest. If you do not feel comfortable out and about yet, you can join art class online, virtually! 


For art classes, buy a 3-class Flexpass and use it for any class of your choosing. It can be used by different people anytime you want over the next two years. These Flex-pass can even be used to join the class virtually. My goal is to be as flexible as possible right now. If you don't feel well or have been traveling please stay home and with the flex-pass you do not loose out on your money. Simply use it another time once you are in the clear. These passes will be good for 2 years. If the state mandates another stay at home, we will postpone classes until it is safe to return.

We will do temperature checks upon arrival, sanitizing, no sharing of materials, and social distancing. Masks will be required if you would like to be within 6 feet of someone and when I walk around to help, but there is plenty of room to spread far out enough to take your mask off and enjoy fresh air out in the forest. I want you to feel safe and have fun!

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"I enjoyed my time with you Nicole....your gentle and unassuming spirit was fabulous and I thank you for it!" 


"So theraputic, I really need this every week to recharge"


"Angela loved the art work the boys created!  And I love your "so good with kids" teaching style."


 Instructor, Nicole Monahan is an award winning professional artist and teacher who has run her own Architecture company and Seattle art gallery. She has been teaching art for over 15 years in museums, schools, and various venues around the world.


Nicole has Illustrated12 children's books and regularly works with 

businesses, governmental agencies and private entities for 

Illustrations and public art. Currently she is writing and illustrating a collection of non-fiction books for children.


Join her to advance your skills with traditional and contemporary art techniques. Learn secrets to help you grow as an artist, have fun, and relax creating your art! Nicole supports each student through their individual learning process and encourages creativity and personal expression every step of the way.


Take classes at the studio in the middle of a relaxing and magical forest or join Nicole in a filed workshop or on an amazing global art retreat! Inquire for pricing and availability of school and museum visits, events and conference workshops.

Wednesday Classes Sept.-May

*right now this will be a flex-pass. We shall wait to see what the world gives us!

Adult Art Class
Wednesdays 10:30am-12pm
Teen Art Class
Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm
Kids Art Class
Wednesday 3-4pm
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"Thank you so much! Soren is not very confident or keen on drawing, but you made it super fun!!! Thank you so much for “feeling out your class” and adapting it to their temperament! It was super fun for Soren and now he’s excited to draw more! Thanks again!"


"I've had 3 lessons and hope to continue indefinitely. Nicole is a wonderful teacher: soothing and kind and direct. Her style matches mine completely. I look forward to our lessons every week. Thank you, Nicole"


"It is the only time during the week I can really let my mind go, relax, and not feel judged"


"I had a very nice learning experience with Nicole for the last few months. She is very talented and versatile artist. I learned a lot of new techniques, media and styles of drawing from her. She makes learning very enjoyable and relaxing at her studio which is located in the most beautiful surroundings."


"Nicole was a blessing. I looked all over for a class to fit my grandkids schedule and couldn't find one....Nicole was one of the artists to reply. She gave them a safe and exceptional environment in which to learn. She worked with me on hours, scheduling, and price. I highly recommend Nicole Monahan!"
"I took a friend and we had such a great time. Will go back :)"
"... we just went last night. What an amazing experience! Their studio is in a breathtaking location with a view of the forest and a stream. The instruction was good, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. It was fun chatting with the other pairs while expressing ourselves creatively. Highly recommend!"
"This is the east-side's best kept secret!"
***Right now we are not supplying materials due to COVID-19! You will receive a sketchbook to keep***


If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, please contact Nicole to talk about setting up a special class for you and your friends.


​What kids are saying:
​"you tot me a lot, you are a osum tetcher!"
"I love everything you show us"
"Thank you for teaching me landscape art. I really like how you spend so much time just to make art special"
"You are the best art teacher ever!"​​​

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Kids Art Class

Wednesday 3-4pm