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School without backpacks?

Before 2020, I never would have thought school could start without the need for a backpack, but here we are going to school on-line. No need for a back pack at all. This could be good or bad depending on how you see things and what your life has handed you this year. Never the less, with more on-line time our heads are beginning to buzz with lots of screen time. I have decided not to run my group classes or workshops this fall, but many are asking for one-on-one lessons in person to relax and learn without the screen. Sitting on the deck of my studio creating art with students in the fresh air has been wonderful. As weather cools and gets more wet we will move inside, but Monahan Studio will still be a magical place to create! Check out my website for details on COVID precautions in the studio.

For those who are enjoying all the on-line offerings these days, I too am offering on-line private lessons and various on-line workshops.

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