Nicole Monahan is an illustrator and freelance artist, offering art classes for both children and adults in her creek-side studio, surrounded by ferns and evergreens, on the outskirts of Seattle.


After many years as an Architect and then directing a Seattle Art Gallery, Nicole decided to focus on her passion to illustrating and teaching art around the world. Her work has a nature connection which shows her deep passion for the interconnected web of life nature has and how it is possible to live harmoniously with nature.


For Nicole, this lifelong journey with art began in childhood, where she spent countless hours pouring over children’s books in her mother’s book store and even more hours outside exploring the bugs, plants and critters she came across. She would often draw fun characters in detailed nature settings. From painting a mural on the wall of her childhood home, to building in her father’s workshop, Nicole’s parents fostered her love of creativity and today, Nicole enjoys helping others find their inspiration and artistic voice. 


In her personal time, Nicole enjoys the wild of the Pacific Northwest with the company of her husband,  3 sweet kids, and the wide variety of pets they love, including dogs, cats, lizards, a turtle, frogs, a snake, goats, chickens, and fish. Every one of them provide a lot of creative inspiration and many are even wonderful models for animal life drawing workshops.


Nicole is an Active member of SCBWI, NAEA, Woodinville Chamber, and is on the board for the Woodinville Arts Alliance. She is an award winning Artist, volunteers with the local school district, and works with clients world-wide. Nicole enjoys being a judge for juried shows, speaking engagements and was a guest presenter for the 2018 NAEA (National Arts Education Association) national conference. Nicole has had several commissioned public art works. Most recently as a selected artist for the Peacepole project at Deyoung Park in Woodinville Washington. She was also selected in 2018, as the only artist to have a Peace Pole at Woodinville City Hall. In 2019, she and another artist were commissioned to paint a nature mural over 1,000 s.f in size along the Sammamish Valley trail.


"Creating art keeps your mind and hands busy,

so your heart can flow"

~Nicole Monahan

Mural-City of Woodinville
Stacey Almgren and Nicole Monahan Create a mural commissioned by the City of Woodinville. 1200+ s.f.
Peace Pole Woodinville City Hall
The Rotary Club and the City of Woodinville collaborated in a project for a Peace Pole that Nicole Painted
Children's Museum Book Event
Reading and art activity by Nicole Monahan for a summer program at the Children's Museum in Everette, WA Book was "The Egg Book" written by Nina , Illustrated by Nicole Monahan
SCBWI Illustrators Showcase Live Demo
Nicole Monahan was the selected Live Demo Artists and Postcard cover art artist for the SCBWI Illustrators Showcase
Sammamish River Festival
One of 3 painters selected for the Art In The Round event during the Sammamish River Festival
Peace Pole DeYoung Park
Commissioned Peace Pole by HollywoodHill School House
Teaching at Project Soar in Morocco
Nicole Monahan was honored to teach an art lesson to girls at an all girls after school enrichment school in Morocco to help empower girls.
NAEA conference workshop teacher
Nicole Monahan taught a workshop during the NAEA conferance
Global Retreat Leader
Nicole Monahan and Dr. Patti Shelton are the Yoga and Art Adventures costa Rica retreat leaders.
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Nicole Stremlow Monahan is dedicated to create quality Illustration for you. Monahan Studio also offers Art Classes for kids, teens, and adults in Woodinville Washington and around the world. Shop for your favorite Monahan illustrations on leggings! Check out Nicole Stremlow Monahan's Destination Art Retreats!  Do you know About me site. please Contact me. 



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