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Year Of The Tiger Print
Each Chinese New year, I create an Illustration for the upcoming year. This is the year of the tiger.
Many blessings to you this year!

Each 8x10 print is on fine linen paper, signed and dated, package in protective wrap and stiff board. Shipping is available with a message from the Illustrator.

loving mother elephant and baby greeting card  illustration with flower

Monahan Studio

Get inspired with the Monahan Stationery Club and share the love with a themed box full of whimsical stationary items illustrated by Nicole Monahan. Every 3 months, enjoy a carefully curated collection of seasonal and everyday greeting cards, a matching journal sketchbook, creative prompts, and a surprise gift. Every box is different - no repeats!

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Greeting Cards

For a variety of occasions, send individually or gift a box set.

These 10-card box sets include a variety of 5 specially selected illustrations printed on high quality card stock supporting a local print shop. Each set comes with a twig pen hand-crafted with love from the magical forest just outside the door step of Monahan Studio.

To draw or write with your new twig pen, dip in store-bought ink, or try making your own ink with the enclosed recipe. 

Card sets may be shipped or picked up. If you would like it shipped as a gift, simply add that request and the address you want it shipped to in your notes when you order.


Year Of The Tiger Greeting Cards
Each Chinese New year, I create an Illustration for the upcoming year. This is the year of the tiger.
Many blessings to you this year!

Greeting cards and envelopes are printed on high quality, linen paper. There are 10 cards per box. Blank inside.
Shipping is available 

Greeting Card Gift Box Sets

adventurous little girl in a boat with a whale Illustration
birthday card illustrated by Nicole Monahan
Illustration birthday card of turtle
dancing bear birthday card
illustration of fox for birthday card
valentine card with panda bear and heart balloons
valentine card with a seal painting a pink heart
valentine card with a bunny and hummingbird with a heart
floral greeting card with birds and butterflies
dog and butterfly illustrated greeting card
monahan.raindeer.snowman.2.jpg copy.jpg

Illustrations make great gifts for the holidays and I love custom illustrations of your pet or property, initials with favorite things, etc. Contact me to inquire about how I can help you with your upcoming project.

Give the gift of art with a Monahan Studio gift certificate. All classes and art camp certificates come with a sketchbook. 

While most of what I paint is custom, I do have some acrylic paintings on high quality canvas that I show in galleries and  shows. Please contact me for custom paintings or murals. I can even work with color swatches from your home or business decor so it is sure to match!  

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