Dancers dance, Painters paint

Many people believe that to be a good artist, you must be born that way. I do not agree. Now, some people are given a an extra bonus gift to draw or paint, but what makes anyone really good, the extra gifted or not, is to practice and find your voice. Practice some more, and then even more. To dance well, one must dance a lot. To paint, you must also spend a lot of time perfecting your craft. Let yourself make mistakes and then learn from them. Then practice some more:) Draw or paint every day. Even if just for a few minutes. Don't try to make a masterpiece each time. Just create. The act of creating any drawing or painting will help wire your brain and hands to create better art each time and see the world as an artist. Keep your drawings, the good and bad. Look at them one year later and tell yourself how proud you are that you grew:) Happy New Year, lets create a lot this year!!

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