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Print of these coloring book pages for coloring fun!

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Tired of looking at a screen?

Dust off those pencils and do some sketching!

~Home Activity~


These days it is so easy to get sucked into looking at screens for our work, social time, relaxation, & entertainment and we forget to just take a bit of real-world time for our minds. Grab your sketchbook and go for a walk to observe nature, whether urban or rural and sketch some tings you see and experience! Want the kids to get off the screens, but you still need some time for work? Give them a list of things to find outside or in the house to draw. It can be a fun activity that gets them moving, and drawing.

Sketch & Scavenger Hunt

Green and bumpy

Soft and squishy

Your favorite food

A critter 



Can change size all by itself

Smooth and rounded


Your favorite toy or decoration


Something you can fill with water

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