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Summer Art Camps for Kids & Teens
Drawing & Painting Classes
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2023 Children's Books

Working with you has got to be one of the best decisions of our lives. Like everyone who sees the book, we think the book is absolutely beautiful and much better than we could have ever imagined. 
~ Tracy Cook, "Our Walk With Grandma"


What a delight to work with Nicole. Her studio is situated in the most charming setting and collaborating with her is a joy. Nicole’s captivating artistry allowed our words and ideas to spring to life on every page. Together we portrayed the story of a very special place and very special children.

~ Diane Kolbe, Author of "Our Little House"


Nicole Monahan, an Illustrator, writer, and educator from the Pacific Northwest creates nature infused, heartwarming, inspirational, and fun Illustrations for clients around the world. Hire her to transform your dreams into illustrations for your next project. Want to grow your art skills? Join Nicole Monahan for an art class in her studio surrounded by ferns and frogs, at a partnering location,  or on an exotic location retreat!

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