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Welcome to Monahan Studio, a charming, inspiring art studio nestled in the Pacific Northwest woods.

To visit here along a meandering creek that sparkles from the sun shining through the maple and evergreen trees is so special. It’s as if the view came to life from one of Nicole Monahan’s paintings.

Monahan Studio, evokes the serene ambiance of its lush surroundings. With a focus on nature, Nicole ensures every visitor feels inspired and connected to their environment which fosters creativity and emotional resonance, making it an ideal learning environment for all.


Whether you come for illustration services, an art class, summer camp, to shop for a special gift, or to visit with the goats and walk the forest trail, the unique experience to be had at Monahan Studio is one full of natural beauty and wonder. Enrich your life with the benefits of art and nature at Monahan Studio. 

What a delight to work with Nicole. Her studio is situated in the most charming setting and collaborating with her is a joy. Nicole’s captivating artistry allowed our words and ideas to spring to life on every page. Together we portrayed the story of a very special place and very special children.

~ Diane Kolbe, Author of "Our Little House"


Nicole Monahan, an Illustrator, artist, mentor, and educator from the Pacific Northwest, creates nature infused, heartwarming, inspirational, and whimsical Illustrations for clients around the world. Hire her to transform your dreams into illustrations for your project.

Want to grow your drawing and painting skills? Join Nicole Monahan for an art class in her studio surrounded by ferns and frogs, at a partnering location,  or on an exotic location retreat!

Interested in selling Nicole Monahan's gift line in your retail store? Contact Nicole for wholesale information!

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Current Partner Class Locations
Bellevue College ~ Beginner & intermediate Drawing
Fairwinds Brittany Park ~ Drawing & Painting
Bellevue Botanical Garden ~ Visual Botanical Journaling

Nicole Monahan

Working with you has got to be one of the best decisions of our lives. Like everyone who sees the book, we think the book is absolutely beautiful and much better than we could have ever imagined. 
~ Tracy Cook, "Our Walk With Grandma"

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