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Summer Art Club

Login to see fun summer art prompts and tips to use over the summer for some extra creativity at home or on the go. Free sketchbooks are available at Monahan Studio or various local venues. For local art club participants, I'll have a drop-in when you can, open studio party Sept 7th from 11am- 3pm so you can share what you created over the summer!

This free summer program is good for all ages and abilities. 

Draw & Paint Whimsical Summer Vibes

Join Nicole Monahan for a free 40 minute online class and learn a whimsical way to sketch summer vibes that you can use while relaxing on a quiet summer day. We will use ink and a splash of watercolor for extra fun. This class is great for any skill level and most ideal for teens and adults. Minimum materials needed include paper(watercolor or mixed media paper is best), waterproof ink (sharpie works well), watercolors and medium size brush such as a round 8, sumi, or mop brush.

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