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Welcome to the Monahan Studio Art Club! If you are local, pick up a free sketchbook from the studio or nearby venue. Try to create art nearly every day and fill the sketchbook. The idea is to just move those creative brain muscles, every entry doesn't have to be perfect. Remember, it's the process. This summer's theme is "Summer Vibes". If you get stuck and need prompts, check out the ones below. Have fun with it!

On July 6th, join in for a free 40 minute online class where I will teach a fun whimsical way to draw in ink and then add a splash of watercolor.
Click here to register for free.

Once summer comes to an end, it's time for our end of summer celebration! Bring your sketchbooks to an open house at the studio September 7th from 11am-3pm. We can share sketches and stories of the summer, have a snack, visit with Cricket, the goats and chickens. You are invited to walk the forest path and enter to win some Monahan Studio goodies like an art class, painting party, greeting cards, custom illustration, calendar, sketchbook, art camp, or a stationery subscription! Of course my original art and any of the above options will be available for sale.  

Not Sure What to Draw Today?

Explore outside for cool objects

IMG_1190 copy.JPG

Try these 40 summer prompts.

Beach Volleyball
Beach ball
Garden Arbor
Oak leaf
Garter Snake
Wet Dog
Berry Breakfast
Saltwater taffy
Best Snack Ever
Midnight Munchie
Ice Cream Truck
Creative Cookies
Wavy Tree
Pretty Bug
Crawling Beetle
Fancy Jewelry
Animal Eye
Jumping Rope
Soft Clouds
Bumpy Toy
Tower of Books
Jumping Frog
Colorful Snail
Slippery Slug
A Quiet Moment
Beach Waves
Flying Fish
Icy Drink
Baby Animal
Deep Dive
Octopus Holding Something
Fun in the Sun

10 Great Tips To Grow With Art

1. Be kind and patient with yourself!

2. Practice, Practice, Practice! Then Practice more:)

3. Get out of your comfort zone every once in a while.

4. You will make mistakes. The trick is how to move forward. Adapt or adjust? Your mistake might be golden!

5. Explore & experiment with materials and techniques, push the limits.

6. Observe and analyze the world around you all the time. What is the lighting? What textures do you see? How does gravity affect how a leaf or dog's ear lay?

7. Draw what you are passionate about, it will make your work shine.

8. Build on the familiar and keep an open mind to try new ways.

9. Stop negative chatter in your mind~“can’t” is not in your vocabulary! It’s good to be honest with yourself, but put a positive spin on it for motivation

10. Proudly share your art with others, the world needs to see your art!

Need More Ideas? Use these pics for inspiration. For more fun, combine two or three of these pics into one creative scene!

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