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Bunnies in the studio!

I try to draw from real life whenever possible and so when I was hired to illustrate for a book with the main character as a real bunny, I jumped on the chance to draw my neighbor's bunnies. while this proved to be an amazingly wonderful thing to draw from real bunnies since I got to see how they interact and move allowing me to really capture real bunny essence, i got attached to these cute babies and connected with their individual personalities. This isn't bad, except they came from a farm that raises bunnies for food...after drawing these bunnies for hours on end, and the fact that they helped me create the book, I had to adopt them to save them from being soup. This also wouldn't be bad because bunnies make wonderful companions, however I already have about 20 pets. So I will foster them until I find someone who will spoil them:)

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