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My favorite travel watercolor box by far!

I love to sketch and watercolor while traveling across the world or just in my own backyard and have tried many different watercolor boxes. all leaked in my bag, most were a bit clumsy and didn't feel comfortable in my hand or I felt a little embarrassed for some strange reason holding it. Our last yoga and art adventure I wanted to focus on travel sketch booking and so we really needed a good watercolor box. I had the idea to use a fly fishing box and set out to find the perfect one for watercolors. I found one that looked promising, bought it and tried it out. I loved it so bought enough for our whole group. On the trip it continued to delight me and everyone seemed to really like using it. With summer coming up and our stay at home order lifted a bit, maybe you can venture out to the neighborhood, nearby mountain or river and do some sketching and painting. Here is a link to my absolute favorite watercolor box. Little insider info about me, I actually like it so much, I keep it at my desk and use it for little sketches when I'm too lazy to walk down to the studio to work:) Here is a quick link to the magic box!

P.S. you need to fill it with your favorite Watercolors from a tube. Here is a quick link to that, I'll post more about this brand later!

Daniel Smith Watercolor Starter Set

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