Get off your rear, explore & sketch!

I'm not sure about you, but I get sick of sitting in front of the various screens hunched over staring at the glow. Like me, are you tired of your kids doing everything on-line these days? Time to move and think on your own! Close everything up and do a scavenger hunt to find the next best thing to sketch or use that item to spark imagination for a new sketch! In this super short video, I explain a bit about the hunt. Yes, I know, you say, but it is on a screen! I suppose you are right, but right after the video, close it all up, search and sketch to your heart's content! Here is a short list to get you started. Use it around the house, yard, or the neighborhood. Have fun!

Something wet

Something bumpy

Something noisy

Something that comes in a pair

Something alive

Something with eyes

Something you love to eat

Something you find gross

Something soft

Something with a cord

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